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Urlclicking links will show results for just that url only External Archive Zipped Filesize (KB)0 Zipped SHA1 checksum Date Snarfed1 53 1e3c96827292d20f7d75bdbd4ffdf644239c7fd6 2017-01-26 100 eb9405fd150674f5448759234e87dec7f112914c 2017-01-06 16 02f8686127aa788674af60c07116d2d6ddaea014 2016-12-30
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0. Bytes rounded up for cleaner-looking display. Click the link under Date Snarfed for the details page. Therein contains the actual filesize.

1. For dates after 2017-11-08: this means the day the URL was submitted and .zip downloaded via For all previous dates: this is simply the day the URL appeared in the logs.