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Urlclicking links will show results for just that url only External Archive Zipped Filesize (KB)0 Zipped SHA1 checksum Date Snarfed1 277 4fb84acb43e349080cbe75d78d1b29d62c7fae70 2016-12-05 561 6509a4572abc06d90dc0c2c17bcae73e2f2bd51e 2016-12-04 277 32d6f44d0b84f60c3e8e065cf6d2003520808281 2016-12-04 771 abbae80186c1be658093e17331165d1d8739a31c 2016-11-28 771 b99b31ac2591290b7b8c4518027e5c0366eb13f6 2016-11-28 1370 5d5b160f72f43f14935c94ecee149d947ad85a5b 2016-06-03 581 d361ae83532b5a56a030f7976046b02a7de2066f 2015-12-08
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0. Bytes rounded up for cleaner-looking display. Click the link under Date Snarfed for the details page. Therein contains the actual filesize.

1. For dates after 2017-11-08: this means the day the URL was submitted and .zip downloaded via For all previous dates: this is simply the day the URL appeared in the logs.